Meet Doctor K

Andrew R. Kibert, MD

As a practitioner, Dr. K is empathetic, proactive, innovative and conscientious.

Unleashing the untapped potential of humans, Dr. K practices medicine with the goal of transcending assumed limitations of human performance.

Empathetic Listening

Dr. K provides a private, collaborative, non-judgmental setting in which Clients can openly discuss anything, with the goal of building a powerful therapeutic relationship with Clients.

Medical Education

Dr. K dedicates time and attention to teaching Clients about the fundamentals of personalized medicine, with the goal of empowering Clients to strive for optimal performance.

Pharmaceutical Innovation

Dr. K utilizes custom compounding to create novel combinations and formulations of compounds, with the goal of enhancing adherence and optimizing performance for Clients.

Doctor K believes that the bounds of traditional medicine have limited the performance of modern humans. His practice of personalized medicine transcends traditional medicine to realize an ever-better version of his clients. He aims to tap the untapped potential of humans.

Doctor K’s passion is pharmaceutical innovation through custom compounding. Custom compounding is the art and science of creating unique pharmaceutical formulations and combinations to improve client adherence and achieve superior optimization. He finds himself in flow state when actively formulating and evaluating novel compounded products.

Doctor K believes in expanding access to medical knowledge and pharmaceutical compounds to empower clients to make more informed decisions about their health and performance.

In contrast to the typical paternalistic approach of physicians, Doctor K actively collaborates with clients to craft practical, personalized regimens to achieve their goals. These regimens are designed to be flexible, to allow for real time adjustments and improvements based on quantitative and qualitative data. Atypical for doctors, he frequently asks his clients: “What could be better?” and “How could we improve your performance even further?”


  • M.D. from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania
    Graduated summa cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa; Studied foreign culture and language (Spanish, Hebrew, and Arabic)

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