Doctor K
Private Medicine

Personalized Medicine for Optimal Performance

Doctor K
Private Medicine

Personalized Medicine for Optimal Performance

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Doctor K is transforming the practice of medicine from treatment of disease to optimization of performance.

This is the Future of Medicine.
This is Doctor K.

Doctor K collaborates with high-performing individuals striving to be a better version of themselves.

Whether in the boardroom or the bedroom, at the gym or social events, these high-achieving Clients employ personalized medicine to optimize every aspect of daily performance.

Step 1: Discuss Goals
Goals consist of any difference between actual performance and ideal performance. No goal is too minor and no goal is too ambitious. Clients discuss any and all goals in an empathetic, collaborative environment.

Step 2: Measure Biomarkers
Biomarkers are quantitative measurements of health and performance. From vitals and genetic testing, to comprehensive blood panels and advanced imaging, biomarkers serve as objective, trackable measurements to assess baseline performance as well as success of implemented regimens.

Step 3: Implement Regimens
A regimen consists of all strategies designed to optimize performance. Regimens are custom-tailored according to clients’ goals. Regimens range from nutrition, fitness and behaviors to supplements, pharmaceuticals and procedures.

Step 4: Assess Performance
Quantitative data (biomarker measurements) and qualitative data (subjective Client experience) are equally important in assessing performance. This dual feedback drives iterative improvements in regimens.

Step : Repeat the Process

The Practice Today

Upon entering clinical rotations as a third year medical student at Mount Sinai, Dr. K had a disheartening realization: everyone in the hospital was absolutely miserable. The doctors exhausted and burned out, the nurses under-staffed and under-appreciated and the patients sick and frustrated. With decreasing insurance reimbursements year after year, medicine has transitioned to prioritize quantity over quality. Dr. K knew that he didn’t want to become part of the endless carousel of reactive medicine: applying temporary bandaids instead of addressing underlying causes of symptoms and disease.

Young and ambitious, against the advice of all his medical school mentors, he chose to launch a private practice dedicated to proactive, personalized and private medicine. Dr. K officially launched The Practice in January of 2017, merely months after the completion of his internship and obtaining licensure. The original concept sought to revive the old-school NYC doctor who performed housecalls and actually knew his clients (as opposed to “patients” which implies infirmity) but with the modern upgrades of innovative technology, data-driven decision making and customized products.

What began exclusively as a housecall service soon evolved into a practice dedicated to optimizing performance. This remains the mission of The Practice today.

Meet the Team

Andrew R. Kibert, MD

Physician & Founder

James Canner, PA

Physician Assistant

Phoebe Bricker, RN

Registered Nurse

David Amsel

Medical Assistant

Lukas Merhi

Executive Assistant

Tristan Parks

Member Concierge

The Five Dimensions

Discover the five dimensions and their domains that serve as a framework for The Practice.