What Patients Are Saying

Breckin “I would say to go here because they do a wonderful job on orthodontic treatment.” — Breckin Johnson

Frank “Your teeth will look beautiful in the end.” — Frank Olmstead

Nancy “Definitely use D.K.! I’ve seen generations of pretty smiles from him within my own family! Great job!” — Nancy Hardy

Jason “From Dr. K all the way through the line. They’re just awesome!” — Jason Webb

Mary “Dr. K and the staff are the best in town. I would recommend to everyone.” — Mary Hall

Rachael “Extremely organized, clear treatment plan, nice staff.” — Rachael Hamner

Ali “The time here was fun and I feel more confident about myself and my smile. Thanks, Dr. K!” — Ali Kirkpatrick

Jo “Everyone is kind and generous and your smile looks great afterwards.” — Jo Paulter

Dillan “I liked how everybody was friendly and explained things clearly.” — Dillan Ward

Mike “Definitely come here. Always wear your bands and brush. You will end up with a great smile.” — Mike Rusch

Danny “I rated my overall experience a ten, the people are easy to work with, it was worth it all in the end.” — Danny Gilchrist

Morgan “The people who work here are very respectful and friendly, I would definitely recommend Dr. K.” — Morgan Alexander

Meagan “See Dr. K, he’s the best!! My smile is beautiful!” — Meagan Novaria

Dillan “Go to Dr. K!!” — Dillan Roche

Traci and Mitchell “Dr. K is the best. Do yourself a favor and go to him. Don’t even consider another orthodontist.” — Trace and Mitchell Schaefer

Sue “I would highly recommend Invisalign® and your office. I liked the flexible scheduling and being able to remove my aligners.” — Sue Maack


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